Mapache 64

6502 Arcade Machine


UCSB IEEE is working on a large project titled “Mapache 64” where we are building an arcade machine based on a 6502 microprocessor. I.E. no microcontrollers! Only the 6502 microprocessor, ROM and RAM ICs, and an FPGA implementing a custom GPU.

Current State

The hardware prototype has been finished on breadboards. It works with the Cmod A7-35T Artix-7 development board. All peripherals (GPU, ROM, RAM, VGA port, controller ports) work. Our next step is writing the games creating a custom PCB.

For the software, we have configured a custom cc65 linker so that we can simply write the games in C instead of 6502 assembly.

picture Video screen

cmod The breadboard circuit with a Cmod A7.